3 best practices for effective shampooing at home

Shampoo hair under the shower

Hair grooming and maintenance is a regular practice for most individuals. It is not uncommon to see people spend a significant amount of time and money on hair care products. The shampoo is just one of many hair care products that are vital for proper hair maintenance.

Although traditional washing agents have been used for ages to clean the scalp and hair, modern shampoo, as we know it today, was first introduced in the 1930s. The Hindi word “champoo,” which means “to press or massage,” is the origin of the term shampoo in the English language.

Shampooing is a way of cleaning the hair and scalp of cosmetic build-up, dust, and skin debris without harming the scalp or hair. This phase is essential for prepping the hair and scalp for subsequent treatments. Shampoo serves a variety of purposes, including cleaning the scalp, skin, and hair, as well as nourishing and beautifying the hair and functioning as an adjuvant in the treatment of a variety of scalp conditions

To accomplish so, many ingredients are combined in the right quantities to make a shampoo that is suitable for a wide range of hair types and demands. The shampoo contains a variety of ingredients, including detergents, conditioners, preservatives, among others. Detergents are used to eliminate debris, filth, and cosmetic buildup from the hair, while conditioners improve hair manageability, reduce friction, and add gloss.

Although products may claim to achieve a myriad of things on your hair and scalp, how the product leaves your hair feeling is the key determinant of a good shampoo. A good shampoo should leave the hair clean, soft to feel, shiny, untangled, has no frizz and is bouncy when shaking the head. Here are 3 key steps to ensure that the process of shampooing is effective and achieve the required benefits without damaging the hair or negatively affecting the scalp.

 Shampoo under the shower

Our hair has a natural fall which is backwards. This phenomenon is determined by gravity. While shampooing ensures that the hair maintains this natural fall to avoid hair breakage and tangling. When the hair is wet, it stretches up to 50% and is at its weakest point. In this state, any unnecessary or ineffective manipulation may easily cause hair breakage. Forcing the hair to fall forward during shampooing is one of the manipulations that could be detrimental to the hair especially long hair.

Hair naturally falls backwards

Wet hair before shampooing

Water is the agent that allows the shampoo to perform its cleaning task on the hair. The cleansing agents in shampoo are made of microscopic elements with a head and tail. The head is attracted to the water while the tail is attracted to the oil and debris on the hair. Introducing water onto the hair before applying the shampoo enables the tail to pick up the debris as the head washes them away.

Massage the scalp
While shampooing we tend to focus more on the hair rather than the scalp. It is important to massage the scalp while shampooing and avoid taking the hair in circular motions or wringing the hair while on it. These manoeuvres could lead to hair tangling and eventually hair breakage. Stay away from using your nails but instead use the finder pads as they are soft and do not cause damage to the hair or injure the scalp. Detangle the hair before wetting it to ensure that you do not end up trying to detangle it with your fingers in the process of shampooing ending up causing hair breakage. Even with long hair, massage the scalp while shampooing as the shampoo washes away any debris as it washes down your hair-remember the head and tail elements we talked about earlier?

Massage your hair using your finger pads


 In conclusion

Shampooing at home has become one of the most preferred routines among many people in the recent past. Its comfortable, convenient and one has the liberty to do as they please with their hair and shampoo during the shampooing process. Even with an effective shampoo, one may fail to achieve the optimal hair goals if they are not following a proper shampooing process. Ensure you wash the hair under the shower, wet the hair before applying the shampoo and massage the scalp while shampooing to ensure optimal results during the shampooing process

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